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Practical & Intelligent Yoga Videos

Practical & Intelligent Yoga Videos

Over the last few years, we've been busy recording and editing all my workshops and courses to make them available in digital form, so you can download and keep these yoga videos forever.

We’ve also recorded some of my regular classes to offer you the convenience of practicing whenever and wherever you are.

If you need some extra rest, then maybe Yoga Nidra is more your thing. Make yourself comfy, wrap up in blankets and follow my voice as we travel through magical landscapes, dive deep into ourselves and explore the liminal space between waking and sleeping.

Whether you’d like to practice breathing, or learn more about anatomy and how our bodies are affected by our yoga practice, it’s all here for you. If you’d like to dive in deeper, you’ll find the workshops I taught with Gary Carter and if, like me, you are working with lower back issues, join me live, or connect with the recordings of my Yoga for Back Care Course.

I do hope you find a yoga video here that’s helpful and nourishing and look forward to hear about your experience. Oh, and if there’s something you’d like to hear more about, let me know – I’d love to hear from you.

Current Yoga Videos
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All videos are recorded into the MP4 format, one of the most common file formats used on the internet today.


Read more about each of these Yoga Video Courses by clicking here.

About Catherine Annis

Catherine Annis is well known for her imaginative and practical approach to yoga. In 2017 she created the Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training Course (iytt), a 12 month, anatomically focused teacher training course with world-leading teachers such as Gary Carter.

Originally a professional dancer, she discovered yoga as a teenager, and has been  practicing since the mid 1970s.  Having studied various styles of yoga including Sivananda, Iyengar, Astanga and various forms of Hatha yoga, she eventually gravitated to the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli.

Catherine’s yoga practice and  teaching focuses on strategies for downregulating the nervous system, working with breath and subtle somatic work to soothe the mind and create more physical ease for those working with pain, stress and anxiety.  She holds a Masters degree in ballet studies, and is a qualified Thai massage  practitioner, and it is this interest in the body which informs and inspires her teaching.

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, Yoga Videos, Yoga Workshops, Yoga Courses, Yoga Classes

Would you like to sample a yoga class hosted by the founder of this yoga teacher training course, Catherine Annis? If so, please go to to make your online booking by clicking here.

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