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The Intelligence of the Shoulder Blade

Online Videos: Private yoga in your living room!

For those of you who can't get to a regular class, or who would like to build a stronger connection with their personal practice, why not check out my videos on Movement for Modern Life

Sign up for a subscription here, and you can bring me, or any of the other amazing teachers on MFML right into your living room.

Here's a link to my latest online yoga class, which focuses on The Intelligence of the Shoulder Blade.

The Intelligence of the Shoulder Blade
(Live at the Yoga Garden Party)

Find your body's inner intelligence. Explore the relationship between the shoulders, arms, ribs, upper spine and the breath. Learn how to soften through gentle, deliberate and focused subtle action. A subtle exploration into the shoulder socket. You may need a foam block. None of the movements made in this class are difficult, but the subtle movements are profound and can change the way you use your body in everyday life.

Watch the FULL on-line video at
'Movement For Modern Life'

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