Lotus pose and the meniscus

Yoga Lotus Pose

it's good to understand why certain poses are not accessible to everyone, & why we should just learn that they'll never be available to us.

Knees and yoga ...

...it's always good to understand why certain poses are not accessible to everyone, and why we should just learn to step back and accept that they'll never be available to us. It's about our structure - and anyway, who said doing lotus would make you a happier person??

Thank you Dan Baines for this explanation.

Article by D.Baines

Having just finished teaching anatomy to a fantastic bunch of soon to be practicing yoga teachers, I have been inspired to finish 2016 with a series of articles covering some of the more frequent yoga injuries I get to see in clinic. I hope that even if you do not practice yoga you will find the thought process interesting and it might spark an interest for a new year’s resolution to take a class or two.

While I will be the first to admit that I do not practice regularly enough myself (my Lululemon mat is currently strategically placed under my treatment room door to block the winter breeze inviting itself in) I have spent time getting my head around the differences between a ‘downward facing dog’ and a ‘cat cow’ and the kinetic chain of relative joint motions and muscle reactions involved in these poses. When we know what we are asking all our joints to do during a pose and how a limitation in one area can effect another, it soon becomes possible to figure out who isn’t playing game when we move and who has to take up the slack. Let me give you a clue…that painful meniscus or achey shoulder joint is probably not the culprit and more likely the area that is over working in order to pick up the slack [….] read more>>

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