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Yoga for Travel

Yoga for travel - Travelling can be super hard on the body. All that sitting still combined with the excitement of going away, the dehydration of flying / travel and the overall lack of sleep caused by heaving heavy bags through airports and stations can be draining and leave us feeling a bit sore and lack-lustre.   Although it's fantastic to travel and explore new places, we can arrive feeling stiff and tight, with achey shoulders and grumpy lower backs.

The good news is that a few simple movements can help us soothe aching joints and begin to reconnect with our bodies.  Check out this sequence of yoga poses published in Metro this week where I’m asked to recommend poses for jetsetters this summer.

I chose these poses to help you gently move back into your body after a long journey.  Move slowly, and with gentle attention and you'll soon be feeling your best again.

If you're travelling this Summer, I hope it helps, and look forward to seeing you in class again soon!

Severn yoga poses to beat jet lag and stiffness

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