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Yoga for Back Care

Yoga for Back Care

Are you suffering from back pain?

Has your doctor suggested you join a yoga class?

If so, this series of yoga for back care classes is for you.

Our increasingly sedentary lives have contributed greatly to the back pain epidemic spreading across the Western world and it now affects 8 out of 10 of us at some point during our lives.

Join us for this series of classes each Saturday to improve your understanding of your anatomy and make lasting improvements to your posture and movement.  During each class, we'll explore approaches to strength and mobility to help change your experience of movement in both yoga and everyday life.

Yoga for Back Care offers an insight into how and why we experience pain and offers a simple programme of movement to support you in learning to soothe and settle your back, building strength and confidence.

Each class will end with restorative postures to alleviate any discomfort, promoting self-repair and healing.

You’re welcome to attend all classes as a block or drop in on a weekly basis.   If you’d prefer to book individual classes, please click here to book.

During the back care classes we will work together to:

* Gently mobilize our joints thereby promoting the natural healing mechanism of the body

* Build awareness of our natural movement patterns and how they may affect our ability to move with ease

* Look at our posture and how we move in our daily lives

* Relax tense muscles to enhance restorative blood flow

* Develop strength, coordination and stability to help us move with confidence

* Challenge our beliefs about pain, weakness and damage

* Reassess our understanding of our bodies as vulnerable and discover the innate resilience of our structure

* Reconnect and restore flexibility and joy in movement

Yoga for Back Care
is suitable for you if:

These back care classes are suitable for anyone with neck and shoulder discomfort, lower back pain, sciatica, sacroiliac issues and general or chronic back pain.  Anyone suffering from severe or acute disc injury is encouraged to seek the help of a qualified physiotherapist or osteopath before embarking on a course of yoga.

For all levels of yoga/ movement experience.

**Please ensure you bring the required equipment (listed below) with you to each class. 

Before joining any of the Yoga for Back Care classes, you'll need to invest in the following pieces of equipment.  We'll use these in each class to practice carefully targeted movements specifically designed to support your healing.  Please bring them with you to every class.

Suggested links:

A 7” Pilates ball
from Amazon

Pack of 5 resistance bands
from Amazon


Yoga for Back Care Schedule

Sept 16

First Saturday Session
10.00 - 11.30 am

  • Introduction to anatomy

  • Understand pain response

  • Simple nervous system hacks to bypass unhelpful belief systems

  • Explore approaches to creating ease in movement

  • Begin building simple core movement programme

  • Begin movement diary and select personal pain strategies

  • Restorative practices

Sept 23

Second Saturday Session
10.00 - 11.30 am

  • Review understanding of anatomy

  • Reflect on current experience and any change

  • Continue building personal movement strategies

  • Discuss personal relationship to pain response

  • Establish positive beneficial strategies for pain management

  • Restorative practices

Sept 30

Third Saturday Session
10.00 - 11.30 am

  • Continue to review changes and understanding of current experience

  • Continue to build personalized library of movement choices

  • Continue building awareness of postural habits

  • Continue changing potentially limiting emotional belief systems

  • Establish range of positive habits to  support healing and promote well-being

  • Restorative practices

Oct 14

Fourth Saturday Session
10.00 - 11.30 am

  • Review changes and understanding of current experience

  • Practice and develop personal movement strategies

  • Build awareness of postural habits and review personal potential for change

  • Continue to challenge self-limiting beliefs and develop positive habits to support healing and well-being

  • Learn how to gradually increase physical loading and variety to build strength and stability

  • Restorative practices

Oct 21

Fifth Saturday Session
10.00 - 11.30 am

  • Review diary and reflect on changes in experience and understanding

  • Practice personal movement programme

  • Continue to note postural habits and observe beneficial changes

  • Continue to develop positive habits to support healing

  • Notice and reflect on physical, emotional and psychological growth

  • Continue to explore appropriate increases in physical loading to build strength

  • Explore how to gradually expand movement repertoire, building resilience and confidence

  • Restorative practices

Oct 28

Sixth Saturday Session
10.00 - 11.30 am

  •  Review diary and reflect on changes in experience and understanding
  • Recap understanding of pain science
  • Explore postural habits and observe beneficial changes
  • Reflect on positive habits which support healing
  • Review changes in strength and mobility
  • Explore how to gradually expand movement repertoire, building resilience and confidence
  • Restorative practices

Dates & Prices

Sept 16, 23, 30, Oct 14, 21, 28
Saturdays 10.00-11.30am

£75 full course
£15 for the individual master classes

Online via Zoom

Video Option

If you're unable to attend the course in person, there is the option of purchasing the edited videos of the whole course.  The price is the same for attendance.  Click on the 'Book Course / Videos Now' button above and select the Video option during booking.

All videos will be recorded in the mp4 format.

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Continuing Professional Development

Each yoga event provides 1 CPD point per hour of practice, depending on your awarding body.


How to join live streaming courses via Zoom

I will be using Zoom, a free online platform to live stream this workshop.  You will be able to connect directly to us from the comfort of your own home either through your PC, laptop, mobile or tablet.

It's easy to set up - please follow these simple instructions:

Download and create your free Zoom account.  Please do this well in advance to make sure audio and video are working.

We will send you a unique Zoom link at least an hour before the workshop starts so you can register well ahead of the start time.  You will then receive an email confirming your place with a link to the workshop.  Follow the simple online instructions.  Please log in 10 - 15 minutes before the start of each workshop so we can begin on time.

How to join Zoom Cloud Meetings for online classes:

If you’ve never used Zoom before, please take the time to download the free Zoom app on whichever device you use for joining live classes (on iPads and smart phones it is 'Zoom Cloud Meetings' from the App store). On computers and laptops it is: Follow Zoom's simple instructions to set up your account.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email.  We will always be at hand if you encounter any problems or difficulties when logging into the workshop through the Zoom portal.

Have you ever thought about becoming a qualified yoga teacher?

Take a look at Catherine's accredited Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training course with renowned yoga and anatomy teacher, Gary Carter.

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