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Yoga CPD

What is CPD?

It’s shorthand for Continuing Professional Development and refers to workshops or any research we undertake into our field of professional interest.

Why do I need CPD?
Is CPD a mandatory requirement for teachers?

If you’re a yoga teacher or training to become a yoga teacher, then your accrediting body may require you to complete a minimum amount of CPD hours each year.

Explore the anatomy and how it relates to yoga

Are yoga classes included as CPD?


Accrediting bodies ask teachers to keep their skills and knowledge regularly updated.  When we attend regular classes or supervision sessions, we avoid getting stuck in a rut.

With regular input from an experienced guide, we can keep our practice fresh, receiving objective feedback about how we’re moving, or suggestions for how we can adjust our yoga to support healing or change movement patterns, as appropriate.

Learn how yoga makes us feel good

Continuing Professional Development, Yoga CPD, Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, Yoga Training

What kind of things can I study for CPD?

Whether you’re a yoga professional or serious practitioner, you may find that you’re increasingly interested in certain elements of yoga – for instance the anatomy, or the effects of yoga on the nervous system.

Focused workshops or even short courses can provide space within which we can go into a subject in more detail.  These workshops may be practical or they may include some theory and presentation material to help deepen your understanding and bring clarity to the subject.

You could attend live in-person or online classes, workshops or courses, or you could read an article or watch a recording of a workshop at a time that’s better for you.

What should I expect?

The aim of CPD is to help us feel we’ve expanded our body of knowledge or increased our understanding and experience.  This sense of adding to our library of learning may be subtle and nuanced, or it could be radically new and exciting.  It may be an immediate “ah ha” moment, or we may notice a gradual shift as we incorporate new or revised practices over time.

Inspire and refresh your yoga teaching

How do I benefit from CPD?

Whether you attend workshops or short, immersive courses, they can be enormously refreshing and inspiring.  Not only do they broaden our knowledge of specific subjects, they may also replenish our stores, so that we feel able to return to teaching feeling refreshed and recharged.

The best workshops and courses inspire us to expand the material we include in regular classes or even create new workshops based on our new knowledge and experience.  We might even find we move off into entirely new areas of research.

Invest in yourself - you're worth it ... 

Continuing Professional Development, Yoga CPD, Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, Yoga Training

Do retreats count as CPD?

Yes! Retreats are a beautiful way of building up CPD hours.  When we spend a week or two, or even just a weekend away, immersed in our practice, we have more time to drop into it.  We have more time to focus solely on ourselves and the way our practice affects us, rebalancing our nervous system and re-awakening parts of our bodies which may have become a bit sleepy or under-used.

I’m not a teacher.  Can I still attend CPD events?

Yes again! CPD isn’t only for professionals.  Whether you’re an inspired beginner or a seasoned practitioner and whatever your interest, there’ll be a workshop out there that calls to you.  Workshops, retreats and courses are all accessible ways for us all to expand our experience, to spend quality time alone with our yoga practice and really dive deep into what is meaningful and relevant for us, right now, in this moment.

Continuing Professional Development, Yoga CPD, Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, Yoga Training

Continuing Professional Development

Each yoga event provides 1 CPD point per hour of practice, depending on your awarding body.


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