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Why do we do yoga?

Is it for exercise, for psychological balance, for improving mindfulness?

What brings you back to the mat? I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please do get in touch, and let me know.

For me, it’s a source of calm and quiet. Taking time with my yoga practice helps me connect inwards, to withdraw from the busyness of daily life in London.

My first memories of yoga are of practicing Sunyatta (pronounced “shoonyatta”) Meditation – a Buddhist approach, which encourages an empty mind. If you’d like to share the sense of peace and simplicity which first drew me to yoga, here's how:


Sit quietly and comfortably, and close your eyes

Take a moment to settle your breathing

Imagine your mind like a blank page or a wide open sky

No words, no images, no thoughts


Clear, wide and open

If thoughts arise, let them pass, like clouds, drifting

There are no distractions, only space

Each time something comes to mind,

bring yourself back to the empty page

Come back again and again, as often necessary

Return to nothingness

It doesn’t matter how many times you remind yourself,

the beauty is in the noticing

Simply it’s the act of returning to empty ...


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  1. Om Singh on January 14, 2019 at 11:54 am

    For me, now, it’s become a source of energy but when I was started, my goal was to become more flexible and healthy.

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