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What do we mean by “Hip Opener”?

What do we mean by “Hip Opener”?

No stretching required

There's a lot of talk in the yoga world about making space through the joints. It's understandable that this could be interpreted as meaning that the more flexible we are, the better.

When we're talking pelvis, this can lead to discomfort. Too many "hip openers" can be destabilising for an area which needs to be stable - and not only structurally.

If you think about it, the pelvis acts as a relay station. It transfers weight and pressure from our upper body (spine, head, organs, arms) down into the feet. Conversely, our feet transmit messages about how we contact the ground and how we are moving across it, up through our legs and into our nervous system.

Yoga, Hip Opener, Flexibility, Health, Pelvis, Pelvic

Even with our eyes closed, we can sense the contours of the ground as we walk, stand and sit. Our pelvis acts as a container for those messages - if the container is unstable, how can we accurately calibrate the information as we receive it?

We need a still point, a reliable centred place through which we can sense difference and adapt our gait or position as necessary.

If you'd like to join to consider freedom and ease of movement that has nothing to do with stretching and everything to do with simple, accessible movement, attention to the breath and an understanding of how to let go of unnecessary tension, this is the approach we encourage at IYTT.

We're all for curious, questioning yoga. Are you?

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Yoga, Hip Opener, Flexibility, Health, Pelvis, Pelvic

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