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Yoga Workshop @ triyoga Shoreditch with Tanya Love

triyoga Shoreditch Yoga Workshop

Join Tanya Love for a yoga workshop, Embodying Ahimsa: Peaceful movement, peaceful mind @ triyoga Shoreditch.

"Nonviolence promotes a respect for the subtle, almost imperceptible movements of mind, body and spirit, and gives rise to a yielding or softness which follows and nourishes these movements rather than correcting or conquering them."

from Grace Unfolding by Greg Johanson and Ron Kurtz

If we practice yoga quietly and attentively, considering the finger details of our movement we can begin to hear the deep, subtle messages our bodies hold. We discover our habits of movement and attention; our patterns of held tension; the tendencies of our thoughts as they respond or commentate and judge; and sometimes we might reveal the beliefs and memories that underpin these habits.

​In this workshop we will explore what it is to follow and nourish our bodies, feeling how gravity and the ground support us, and seeking out ways to inhabit our postures with less force and more freedom. We will pay attention to the attitudes we bring to our bodies, noticing where the intention to conquer or correct ourselves might be subtly slipping in. You'll leave feeling peaceful and replenished.


Yoga Teacher: Tanya Love
Workshop: Embodying Ahimsa: Peaceful movement, peaceful mind
Date:  19 January, 2018
Day and Time: Friday 7.15 – 9.15pm
Venue: triyoga Shoreditch, Unit 2, Cygnet Street, London, E1 6GW
Price: £25
Booking: Please contact triyoga Shoreditch on 020 3362 0677

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