London Yoga Teacher Training, BWY Workshop, 2021, Gary Carter, Catherine Annis

Translate yoga practice into yoga teaching

How do we translate yoga practice into yoga teaching?

The art of teaching is clarity.  The art of learning is to listen
Vanda Scaravelli

Are you ready to take the step from yoga practitioner to yoga teaching?

Would you like to explore how to adapt your personal yoga practice into an inspiring and enriching class?

Join Gary Carter and Catherine Annis for a taste of how we approach yoga practice and teaching on Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training, one of the foremost anatomically focused yoga teaching courses.

During this structured and practical workshop,  we’ll learn how to trust our own practice and set it at the heart of our yoga teaching to become thoughtful, curious, engaging and authentic teachers.

One of the most important skills we learn as teachers is how to translate our feelings and practice into words which describe our sensations and movements with clarity.  During this taster session, Catherine and Gary will break these skills down and explore:

∗  How we unpick and share our personal yoga experience

∗  Choosing accurate language to describe our movements and sensory experiences

∗  How to switch from our inner feeling channel of sensory perception into our cognitive, thinking, speaking and teaching channel of communication

∗  Learning to edit our practice and adapt it appropriately for our students

∗  How less really is more within yoga practice

We’ll take the foot, gravity and our connection with the ground as a starting place and work from there, unpicking thoughts and questions about our practice as they arise and exploring how we can use them to shape a rich and meaningful yoga practice.

Suitable for all those considering taking the step into yoga teaching and anyone who is interested in exploring depth in yoga practice.

For those attending the workshop, it will be recorded and available to view online for 10 days after the workshop

London Yoga Teacher Training, BWY Workshop, 2021, Gary Carter, Catherine Annis


Yoga Workshop
Gary Carter & Catherine Annis

Friday August 20th
2.00 - 5.00 pm
(British Summer Time)

£35 to attend the workshop or
£25 for the unedited video

London Yoga Teacher Training, BWY Workshop, 2021, Gary Carter, Catherine Annis

Would you like to sample a yoga class hosted by the founder of this IYTT training course, Catherine Annis? If so, please go to to make your online booking by clicking here.

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