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12 Great Tiny Yoga Exercise: Early Winter, December

Tiny Yoga Exercises

Early Winter (December)

December is a flurry of activity.  With Christmas coming, there are parties and celebrations with plenty of rich food and drink and late nights.  For all the fun and jollity, Christmas can be financially and socially challenging, with extra costs and the social demands of spending more time than usual with family.  It can be a particularly difficult time if you are recently bereaved or have split from a partner.  The days are still getting shorter, too, so there is a sense of the year closing down, of endings.

With all this in mind, this really is the time to look after ourselves.  Be more aware of what you eat and drink, and how much (or little!) you move around, and try to be outside for at least some of the day, so that you can absorb the few rays of precious sunlight that filter down to the northern hemisphere at this time of year.

Workday 1

Morning - Get Moving

∗  First thing in the morning, take an enormous stretch.

∗  Visualise the stretch starting in the centre of your body and extending all the way through your spine, down into the heels, and from the waist all the way up through your shoulder girdle and out through the finger tips.

∗  Repeat bending to each side, back and forwards. During the colder months, we need to energise and stretch, to bring heat and vitality into our bodies.

∗  Make the movement strong and muscular to kick start your energy levels, creating heat and making you feel wide awake and full of life!

Midday - Nourishment

∗  Take time out during the day for a proper lunch and encourage yourself to focus on the pleasure of nourishing yourself.

∗  Give yourself permission to let go of whatever you were doing this morning and have a change of scene.

∗  Leave the building, arrange to meet some friends, or choose a friendly café where you can enjoy being alone, sit down and concentrate your attention on the food, and company.

Evening - Small moments of calm (10/20 Mins)

∗  In this busy month, can you dedicate 10 minutes to yourself?

∗  In a quiet room, away from any distractions (pets, children, phones, partners etc) lay down a yoga mat, or a blanket, so that you'll be comfortable lying on the floor.

∗  Bring yourself a small pillow.

∗  Lie down, with your legs supported on the sofa or a low chair.

∗  Cover yourself, and make sure you are warm, and away from any distractions.

∗  Cover your eyes with a scarf, or an eye bag, and let yourself rest.

∗  10 minutes is good, 20 is even better!

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