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Tiny Yoga: Mid Winter, January … workday 1

Tiny Yoga: Mid Winter (January) .... workday 1

January bursts onto the calendar with the largest party of the year – a huge explosion of activity and energy, expectations are high, and hope is in the air.

After a few days, though, it can often feel like a bad hangover.  Payday seems a long way away, and the weather is often bleak and bad tempered.  It can also be a month of guilt as, having started the New Year with good intentions, the reality sets in and we discover that those resolutions have fallen by the wayside.

January, though, is a time of new beginnings, of optimism and inspiration.  With the New Year here, we can learn from our experiences last year, let go of stale energies, and look forward to embracing fresh possibilities.

Morning - Meditation: Simple Sitting (5/10 Mins)

Many resolutions take energy and time.  A meditation practice, however, need take only 5 minutes a day.  That's about as much time as you spend on cleaning your teeth.

It may take a bit of effort to commit to sitting each morning, but you will reap the rewards of feeling calmer, quieter, less anxious and more in control.  Try to make this the year that you start.  Think of it as a ritual, as important as getting dressed each day.

∗  As soon as you get up, find a quiet place and make yourself comfortable, preferably on the floor, and just sit.
∗  Close your eyes and simply notice, consciously, each thought that passes through your mind.
∗  You may not reach a state of meditative bliss, but that doesn't matter.  It's the process of noticing whatever happens and accepting it, just as it is, that's important.

Midday - Playtime: Lighten up!

January can feel a bit austere and lacklustre. So why not take a moment to brighten your day?  Do something ridiculously silly.

∗  Skip down the street.
∗  Or wave at everyone you pass regardless of whether you know them.

∗  Do a silly walk. Squawk.
∗  Do something that makes you – and, if you're brave, even those surrounding you - laugh.
∗  Bring some brightness into your day!

∗  If you feel foolish, just have a giggle.
∗  Laughter is universally uplifting – providing an instant boost and you may be surprised how many people join in.

Evening - Gratitude

Consider the origin of whatever you are eating.  We rely on staple foods which have often been produced by low paid workers in far off lands.  Whatever you are eating, take a moment to consider where it's come from.  How was it cultivated?

Picture the fields, the farmers, the harvesters.  As you wash it, cook it, and then serve it, spare a thought for the journey it's travelled to be here, on your table, tonight.

Spending a moment to think about where our food has come from and who has cultivated it helps us to give thanks and be grateful for our food.

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