Testimonials - some thoughts and kind words from previous yoga students and teaching colleagues.

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Alicia Moran
Pilates foundation (Director – retired)

testimonialsCatherine belongs to an elite group of London yoga teachers who are at the top of their practice. Her understanding of the body and the language she uses to describe movements and poses is vivid and sophisticated. Her Scaravelli yoga classes are invigorating, challenging but also deeply relaxing. She has inspired my work as a Pilates teacher and introduced me to a broader understanding of how to achieve release and balance in the body.

John Stirk
Yoga teacher and osteopath

I have known Catherine since 2001. During this time she has been my student, yoga colleague and friend. It has been a pleasure to act as her mentor. I have been impressed by her enthusiasm and the intelligent way in which she has immersed herself in all aspects of yoga. She continues to add her own flavour that arises from her dedicated practice. Her teaching reflects her understanding of this broad and valuable subject.

Sara Mohr-Pietsch
BBC radio broadcaster

Catherine is a wonderful yoga teacher based in London. She is firm but compassionate, and I feel completely safe with her. Her Scaravelli yoga teachings have changed the relationship I have to my body – I’m more confident physically, and I’ve learned to trust my own experience through her teaching. This is seriously deep and wise yoga!

Mary Fellowes
Fashion editor, Vogue

Catherine’s Scaravelli yoga in London is refreshingly down to earth, ‘non-smug’ yoga … Her teaching is intelligent, soulful, spiritual, intuitive, spontaneous, surprising and a total joy.  How she helped me alleviate a really painful back problem is another example of how hugely generous in character and spirit she is, and always goes that extra step further to interact with her students on a deeper and more personal level than any other instructor I have worked with.

Emma Down
Pilates teacher

Emma, Down, Pilates, TeacherHer yoga teaching always takes me to new territory within my body and I feel refreshed and freed up in body and mind. Her heartfelt connection to her own self enquiry is obvious by the way she conveys new concepts and detailed cues to take you deep within your own form. Her imagery and tactile cueing is extraordinary and her ability to ground you in your body and mind is a sure outcome of her work.

Sally Howard

Sally Howard, Journalist, yoga, testimonialMany of us have experienced competitive yoga classes that make you feel inadequate for your inability to touch your toes, or stand on your head. Her yoga is the antidote, she emphasises proper positioning and works within your body's capabilities. In effect it gives you tools for your everyday posture and health and a framework for any further forms of exercise you undertake. Personally, it cured my long-standing lower back pain. Warmly recommended!

Jody Barber
Neurological physiotherapist

I deliberated for several years before finding a yoga teacher trainer who I hoped would resonate with my knowledge, skills and background as a neurological Physiotherapist.  Catherine Annis has by far exceeded my expectations not only does she have a wealth of experience as a yoga teacher, her anatomical and biomechanics and movement knowledge is extensive. Her professionalism and passion to teach, share and exchange knowledge and skills in yoga and movement has been so valuable in enabling me to develop as a yoga teacher but has also immensely enhanced my treatment approaches in my physiotherapy practice. The best training I have done in years!

Olga Fedori (Olga Victorovna Fedorishcheva)
Actress (Holby City, Eastenders)

Catherine’s Scaravelli yoga teaching is inspired.  We have all met those yoga teachers along the way who manage to let their light and wisdom shine so very brightly yet make it so personal and applicable to you. Catherine is one of these gifted teachers who have influenced my being, my body and the way I approach my practice and my teaching in subtle yet profound ways.  I would go even further to say that having studied with her changed things fundamentally.  One often hears: “Do yoga from the inside.” In Catherine’s classes I finally realised what this means - it’s priceless.  I highly recommend studying with her in any way you can: privately, group classes, retreats, immersion, trainings or all of the above.  Namaste!

Karen McCoss
Yoga teacher

Thank you for all your amazing teaching over the two years, it's been incredible and you have been a wonderful support all the way through the teacher training course.  I am so lucky to have found your ttc!

Pippa Richardson
Yoga teacher

Completing my yoga training under the guidance of Catherine was truly a life changing process. Her expertise, care and passion is exceptional and reflected in everything she does.  The pace of the course allowed time for integration and exploration, something I really valued.

Clea Sambrook
Cranio-sacral therapist

CleaSambrook, Cranio, Sacral, TherapistShe is a really excellent yoga teacher. She gives clear guidance and instruction and I particularly appreciate her sensitive and knowledgeable hands-on help to get into position correctly when needed. I enjoy the pace of her classes and the way she stresses the importance of attention on the body in each pose and the process of yoga to bring space and fluidity. I always feel great at the end of her class and really notice when I haven't been! She makes yoga approachable, where to a very inflexible person like me it can be daunting! Thank you

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