Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training Certified Teacher

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Susie Heyworth

Bristol, Gloucestershire, UK

+44 (0)7792 772 660


  • MSc in Health and Exercise Sciences 1998
  • Pilates Matwork teacher training 2015 – 2016
  • British Wheel of Yoga accredited
  • Yoga Alliance Professionals 200 hour accredited UK
  • Yoga Alliance Associate Level 1 Member
  • Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training qualified


Susie Heyworth has always been interested in movement in one form or another since her teenage years. She worked as a nurse for most of her life but for a long time wanted to work in something involved with movement.

The focus of her classes is to:

  • Recognise the body and mind as ‘one whole’
  • Give our attention to how things ‘feel’ in our bodies as we move, rather than focusing on achieving a specific end point.
  • Explore the difference between release, effort and tension
  • Release unnecessary, held tensions that for many reasons may have become habitual and explore ways of changing old unhelpful habits by ‘mapping’ new ways of moving that allow greater ease and freedom.
  • Acknowledge that all bodies are individual and adapt to physical differences
  • Practice guided by current findings in the study of anatomy and physiology

"You don’t have to be ‘flexible’ or get your body into specific shapes! You will not need to ‘perform’, only to enjoy moving!"