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Exciting Taunton Yoga Workshop: March 25

Taunton Yoga Workshop
Gravity, Grounding and Somatic Practices

Have you ever wondered how to create classes that create a sense of being grounded, balanced and stable?

Join Catherine for this full day Taunton Yoga Workshop where we will be exploring gravity, grounding and somatic practices and how they affect our nervous system.   We’ll investigate how our bodies respond to gravity, discover ways of releasing unnecessary tension, unravel habitual movement patterns and find ease in yoga and everyday movement.

When we move with simplicity and can really lean into the pull of the earth, something magical happens.  Our nervous systems naturally let go and move into a quieter space.  This is one of the key reasons we practice yoga – to downregulate, and to understand how to consciously relax.

Post pandemic, we now have a beautiful opportunity to join together and explore how group energy can enhance our practice.

During this Taunton Yoga Workshop we’ll:

* discover how our connection with the earth generates stability and steadiness
* investigate how to work with gravity rather than against it
* explore our personal relationship with gravity and how that helps us become more fully present and centred in ourselves
* explore simple somatic movements and the relationship between sensory awareness and relaxed psychological states
* enjoy the experience of working in-person, observing how group energy can enhance our practice
* leave feeling grounded, de-stressed and re-energised


A light vegetarian lunch is included

Somerset, Taunton Yoga, Workshop, Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, Catherine Annis Yoga

Date, Time and Booking

Taunton Yoga Workshop
Gravity, Grounding and Somatic Practices

* March 25th
* Saturday 10.00 - 4.45 pm
* Taunton Catholic Centre, The Mount, Taunton TA1 3NR
* suitable for all levels

* £55

Venue & Getting There


Taunton railway station is a junction station on the route from London to Penzance, 143 miles west of London Paddington station. It is situated in Taunton, Somerset, and is operated by Great Western Railway.

The station is also served by CrossCountry trains and by the West Somerset Railway on special event days and by mainline steam excursions.

For example, typical rail time journey's from London to Taunton are between 1h 45m and 2h 15m in duration.

To view the train journey's available you can use the Train Line website


By Road

Taunton is easily accessible from the M5 motorway (junction 25) which is approx. 1km from the town centre. An alternative and more scenic route is via the A303 if your travelling from the East.

How far is Taunton from London? Here's the quick answer if you are able to make this entire trip by car without stopping.

Nonstop drive: 150 miles
Driving time: 3 hours, 8 minutes

Realistically, you'll probably want to add a buffer for rest stops, gas, or food along the way. To get a better idea of how long this trip would really be, scroll down to calculate how many hours it would take if you drive with stops.

To help plan your journey you can use the AA route planner


Catch the bus

Somerset has an extensive public transport network and offers an immediate alternative for individuals to reduce their energy use and carbon footprint.

Buses of Somerset run regular services into the town centre and to other parts of Taunton and its surroundings.

Slinky is an accessible bus service funded by Somerset County Council for people unable to access conventional transport. This service can be used for a variety of reasons such as getting to local health appointments or exercise classes, visiting friends and relatives, going shopping or for social reasons. You can also use the Slinky as a link to other forms of public transport.

You can look up timetables, bus stop information and plan your journey on Traveline


If you don’t fancy taking the train, a cheaper option may be by coach.  With regular services running to various parts of the country, it can be a more financially viable option than driving the car.

National Express coaches operate a bookable service from Taunton bus station to many locations across the country including London, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff and Torquay. You can find out more on the National Express website


Taunton Catholic Centre
The Mount

Longitude and Latitude
51.01279236248649, -3.099445693865809


Somerset, Taunton Yoga, Workshop, Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, Catherine Annis Yoga

Workshop Series

This workshop day is designed as part of the Beyond Asana Course, comprising a series of workshops.

The Beyond Asana series

* Feb 11 : Fundamental Movement Patterns

* Mar 4 : The Spine and its Importance in Yoga

* Mar 25 : Gravity, Grounding and Somatic Practices: optional day long in-person workshop in Taunton

* Apr 15 : Shoulders and Upper Back

* May 13 : Legs and their Connection to our Sense of Self

* Jun 3 : Self Care and Craniosacral Therapy

You can choose to join us for the

* full course, including 5 online sessions + the in-person day long Taunton session
* 5 online sessions only
* full day in-person workshop on 25th March
* attend an individual session or any combination

Somerset, Taunton Yoga, Workshop, Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, Catherine Annis Yoga

Have you ever thought about becoming a qualified yoga teacher?

Take a look at Catherine's accredited Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training course with renowned guest yoga and anatomy teacher, Gary Carter.

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