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Online Yoga Class: Demystifying the Psoas Muscle

Online Videos: Private yoga in your living room!

For those of you who can't get to a regular class, or who would like to build a stronger connection with their personal practice, why not check out my videos on Movement for Modern Life

Sign up for a subscription here, and you can bring me, or any of the other amazing teachers on MFML right into your living room.

Here's a link to my latest sample online yoga class, which focuses on Demystifying the Psoas Muscle. You can watch the full video by clicking on the button below.

Demystifying the Psoas Muscle

The psoas muscles are among the deepest muscles in our bodies. They are involved in almost every movement - from walking and running to sitting, and throughout our yoga practice. However, we often find it difficult to consciously feel them, or even know where they are within us. Join this class to learn where they are and some simple approaches to help with accessing this key area, and give it time and space to release. Working the Psoas be helpful for those with lower back pain, or who are feeling tired and lacking in energy. You will need a bolster and a belt.

Watch the FULL on-line video at
'Movement For Modern Life'

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