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Our spine is a spectacular piece of engineering.  With 33 interlocking bones, 24 moving vertebrae and 139 synovial joints, it has an amazing capacity to respond and react to our every movement.  In yoga our spine is at the heart of our practice – it’s a constant element in each pose, providing, as one of the central nadis – both the channel for our breath and the anatomical focus as our midline.  It is both the physical and psychological centre of ourselves.

During this practical yoga workshop we’ll learn more about:

  • the anatomy of the spine
  • its role as housing and protector of the central nervous system
  • how the spine responds to movement
  • the delicate articulations which occur during each breath

Finally, we’ll explore the central question:  does the spine respond to the movement of the breath?  Or is the flow of the breath initiated by the movement of the spine itself?

Join Catherine for a day of subtle yet deep and absorbing explorations, in which we increase our awareness and understanding of breath and spine, and how together they form the heart of our yoga practice.

Suitable for all levels


  • Yoga Teacher: Catherine Annis
  • Workshop: The Spine as an Organ of Breath
  • Date:  2nd September, 2018
  • Day and Time: Sunday
  • Venue: The Life Centre, 15 Edge Street, London W8
  • Price: £25
  • Booking: Call The Life Centre 020 7221 4602

For full details about this workshop, please click here.

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