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Super happy to have joined the Movement for Modern Life MFML

We had such fun filming several Scaravelli inspired yoga classes for MFML, and I'm already planning for the next session.  Watch this space to view the yoga class videos as soon as they're ready.

About Movement for Modern Life (MFML)

Movement for Modern Life was born in London in 2013 to revolutionise Online Yoga & Wellbeing.


The founder of MFML is Kat Farrants – here’s her story:

Kat Farrants

MFML, Movement For Modern Life, Kat Farrants, Yoga

Hi, I'm Kat - Founder of Movement for Modern Life, I've been moved by the practise of yoga for 26 years. I'm a yoga teacher who hasn't taught much yoga - I realise that not all yoga teachers are created equally! I wanted to be able to practice to only the very top teachers, the best that there are - not the ones great at social media or marketing, but the ones who put all their dedication into sharing their life work.

I wanted to practice with these teachers, in my PJ's, at home. It is these dedicated teachers, the very best in what they do, who I handpick to support and join our team,  so they can share their practices which have helped me so much.

I Founded Movement for Modern Life for many reasons. First of all, I worked for years in the city as a solicitor and found that I'd spend all day making sure I could leave the office on time to get to my favourite teacher. Invariably, I'd miss class. So I spent more time stressing about getting to class than my job! Oooops!

Then I moved to the countryside in the middle of nowhere and where where my yoga teachers? There was nowhere online or locally with the quality of teacher that I've been so lucky to experience. There was nothing else for it. I left the daily grind and decided it was time to let the best teachers come to me so that, finally, class could fit into my schedule.

Yoga for me has been fundamental in healing deep physical and emotional wounds, as well as simply bringing joy into the day. I would love for people to experience these online classes which range from 5 mins to 1.5 hours as a tool in their toolbox for life.

My mission is to enable our community to move freely into a happy, healthy and sustainable life.

For me, living yoga off the mat, in MFML, in my daily life, is my biggest joy.

Have you ever considered becoming a qualified yoga teacher?  Read our IYTT Course Content and meet the Team.

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