London Yoga Teacher Training, London Yoga TTC, Yoga TTC, Yoga Testimonial, 2024, 2025

Graduate Testimonials

What our graduates say ...

We believe we've created the best teacher training course in the UK, so it's particularly heartening to hear all the positive comments from our wonderful graduates.

If this course resonates with you, please get in touch - we are passionate about supporting yogis like you develop into the next generation of curious, thoughtful and inspiring yoga teachers.

London Yoga Teacher Training, London Yoga TTC, Yoga TTC, Yoga Testimonial, 2024, 2025

"As the name suggests this is truly an intelligent approach to yoga teacher training.

I had been looking to train for years and I couldn’t find the right course. I’m so glad I found this. It has changed my life. I was taught by brilliant teachers. If you are looking for yoga training that goes deep into exploring why how we move, and why we do certain poses, that is based on understanding human anatomy, and working with our own body from within, then this is the right course for you."

Agni Scott

"I would highly recommend the IYTT.

Catherine and her team bring a high level of experience and knowledge to the course. It is very through, supportive, and professionally planned.

The course left me equipped (and confident) to teach yoga in my own style. The training also helped me to refine my own yoga practice. It was an excellent investment."

Helen Pomeroy

"Having just finished this teacher training course, I can honestly say it has prepared me for teaching yoga.

It is taught with such rigour and kindness and challenges every aspect of yoga practice. Hard work, but highly recommended."

Annie French

"This is such a wonderful life-changing course. Challenging and hard work but incredibly rewarding.

Catherine and the other great tutors have given me so much confidence with their depth of knowledge and experience. The way the course is structured works really well.

I chose the course more to develop my own practice and learn more about yoga and was not convinced I would or could end up teaching. I feel very lucky to have found this course – and to my surprise – I am now teaching."

Michael Spark

London Yoga Teacher Training, London Yoga TTC, Yoga TTC, Yoga Testimonial, 2024, 2025

"Catherine Annis is an immensely engaging, supportive and creative yoga teacher trainer.

Over the course of my yoga teacher training with her I’ve developed a great respect and trust in her approach to all things yoga, particularly her in depth knowledge of anatomy applied to asana. 

Nia Phillips

"Before I embarked on a yoga teacher training, a fellow yoga teacher said to me ‘this will be the greatest gift you can give to yourself’ and she was absolutely right.

Completing my yoga training under the guidance of Catherine was truly a life changing process. Her expertise, care and passion is exceptional and reflected in everything she did. Beyond her technical knowledge is a rare sincerity and ability to ‘hold the space’ as you grow from student to teacher – it’s so important to be supported in this way whilst you undergo an exceptional time of personal growth and learning.

I feel incredibly grateful to have been supported in this way. The pace of the yoga course allowed time for integration and exploration, something else that I really valued.

The training gave me access to a team of teachers who are completely dedicated to their craft in a beautiful setting, something that still inspires my practice and teaching today."

Pippa Richardson

"I deliberated for several years before finding yoga teacher trainers who I hoped would resonate with my knowledge, skills and background as a neurological Physiotherapist. 

Catherine Annis has by far exceeded my expectations not only do they have a wealth of experience as a yoga teacher, her anatomical and biomechanics and movement knowledge is extensive. 

Her professionalism and passion to teach, share and exchange knowledge and skills in yoga and movement has been so valuable in enabling me to develop as a yoga teacher but has also immensely enhanced my treatment approaches in my physiotherapy practice.

The best training, I have done in years! "

Jody Barber

"I can't recommend this training enough.

The teachers are extremely generous with their knowledge and very supportive. They really encourage us to celebrate our individuality and creativity as yoga teachers (within a safe framework grounded in the latest anatomy research) and are not interested in churning out 'robotic' yoga teachers who teach by rote or teach set sequences.

The students I have started to teach have responded really positively to this approach."

Dana Andrew

London Yoga Teacher Training, London Yoga TTC, Yoga TTC, Yoga Testimonial, 2024, 2025

What is Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training?

Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training (IYTT) is unique amongst teacher training courses.  We offer an in-depth, thoughtful and intelligent approach to yoga teacher training, driven by current scientific developments in anatomy and movement research, with trauma sensitivity and collaborative learning at our heart.

Delivered by an elite group of senior yoga teachers at the top of their field, IYTT offers a spacious, immersive modular structure which provides time and space for profound learning, integration and growth.  Each of the teaching team draws on decades of practical experience of yoga, including particularly the work of Vanda Scaravelli and somatic, embodied practices.

IYTT is the Future of Yoga Training

Supportive Mentoring

We believe in supporting all trainees throughout their training and beyond.

At IYTT, you are never just a number, and we will stay in touch and continue to support you well beyond your time on the course.  We have created a mentoring program for all trainees which includes structured 1:1 mentor meetings and group supervision meetings facilitated by the leading yoga teachers and there is an active Alumni programme.

Each module is supported by two teaching assistants who are both recent IYTT graduates.  Our assistant teachers are available to offer advice and support throughout the course.

At the end of each yoga teacher training programme,  there will be opportunities for two graduates to join the teaching team as teaching assistants.  This is a valuable chance to review the training from the other side, and to work closely with the teaching team, learning how to hold space and deliver a teacher training programme first hand.

Why Accreditation is Important

Yoga teaching has evolved, becoming more professional and organised and teachers are now required to hold valid insurance before yoga studios will employ them.

Originally, yoga was passed from teacher to student, on a 1:1 basis.  Students would study for many years with their teacher, only beginning to teach once they had their teacher’s blessing.  The teaching of yoga has changed, and it’s now much less common for people to work privately.  We are more likely to attend class with several other students and the world of teaching online yoga has opened up.

If you really want to follow your dream and begin sharing your love for yoga, it's important to find a course which resonates with you, and which you know will help you develop the skills and experience to be the best teacher you can.

It's also essential to demonstrate to future employers that you have met certain criteria and that you are able to teach safe, intelligent and thoughtful classes.  With IYTT, we believe we have created one of the best, most thoughtful and inspiring yoga teacher training courses and we look forward to practising and exploring yoga together.

Finding a course which is registered with a reputable and established accreditation board is essential.

London, Yoga Teacher Training Course, BWY, Accredited, Certified

Would you like to sample a yoga class hosted by the founder of this IYTT training course, Catherine Annis? If so, please go to to make your online booking by clicking here.

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