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Going Barefoot

Barefoot Yoga


Going barefoot is quite the best way to stimulate your feet and get to know them. In life and yoga, they are our foundation, our contact with the earth and every bit as sensitive as our fingers and hands.

In your yoga practice this week, can you expand your understanding of your feet? How does it feel to:

* Open the big toe joints⠀⠀
* Find the front of the heel⠀⠀
* Work into and between the toes⠀⠀
* Create length and space within the small joints of the foot⠀⠀
* Explore the challenges of flat feet and how to stimulate more activity and support ⠀
* Learn how to relax tight high restricted arches⠀⠀
* Discover the role of the talus and how it affects our ability to squat

If you're keen to explore the connections between the way you walk, the shape of your feet and how these affect your pelvis, spine and up, begin to massage your feet daily. Stretch them gently and make them your key focus in every pose.

This is yoga meeting life.

Real, sustainable practice. One of the many aspects which are explored in depth, during Catherine's Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training Course

Barefoot Feet, Scaravelli Inspired Yoga, Catherine Annis Yoga

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