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Edinburgh Scaravelli Yoga Workshops with Catherine Annis

Edinburgh Scaravelli Yoga Workshops

Join Catherine Annis in Edinburgh, Scotland for a series of three Scaravelli inspired yoga workshops. Choose to attend all three.  If that's not possible then just book the workshops which you would like to attend.

Edinburgh Scaravelli Yoga Workshops
:  4 - 5th November 2017
Day and Time:
Workshop 1: Saturday 10.30 - 1pm
Workshop 2: Saturday 2 - 4.30pm
Workshop 3: Sunday 10.30 - 1pm
Venue: St Margaret’s House, 151 London Rd, Edinburgh EH7 6AE, Scotland

£35 per individual workshop;
£65 for both workshops on Saturday;
£95 for all 3 workshops

Booking: To book your Edinburgh Scaravelli Yoga Workshops please click here

Workshop 1 - Fascia – the organ of structure

Scaravelli, Yoga, Workshop, Fascia, Catherine Annis, Edinburgh, ScotlandFascia has become the latest trend in yoga and bodywork.  Practitioners and experts from all fields of movement are discussing and researching it, and it’s revolutionizing our understanding of how the body moves.  We’re beginning to throw away the old paradigms and move towards a new fluid approach to movement practice.

If you’d like to find out more about this magical, almost liquid, connective tissue, and its impact on our yoga practice, join Catherine for this practical yoga workshop to:

∗  Learn more what fascia is and how it affects us in yoga

∗  Develop approaches to unwind the fascial web in a variety of yoga poses

∗  Release habitual holding patterns and areas of restriction

∗  Understand the importance of fascia to our structural stability

∗  Cultivate a fresh approach to yoga that will return us to free, easy movement

Suitable for all levels

Workshop 2 - The Art of Touch

The art of touch is so important both for humans and animals. When we stroke animals with care and attention, they respond by leaning into us, enjoying the contact. Touch is the first form of communication between mother and child, and can be a valuable tool in drawing attention to forgotten or sleepy areas of the body.

In this workshop, we’ll explore different approaches to touch, and how we can develop our yoga practice to discover:

∗  how the quality of our touch can improve our sensitivity and awareness

∗  the value of touch in revealing more supple and fluid approaches to movement

∗  how touch can help us develop an ever evolving, responsive and inspiring yoga practice

∗  how the concept of touch moves beyond the physical and into the psychological

Suitable for all levels

Workshop 3 - Gravity and Grounding

Join us to explore gravity and the sensation of grounding, and how these elements combine to release and awaken the spine, and bring a sense of lightness and natural ease into our yoga practice.

During this workshop, we’ll develop a deep attentiveness and inner awareness of how we move into, and within, the asanas.   We’ll learn how to work with gravity to gently encourage the body to open, creating space and lift through the body.

In this workshop, you will learn to:

∗  understand and explore how gravity affects the mechanics of our movements

∗  harness the grounding power of the earth to create ease in movement

∗  use the pull of gravity to unwind old patterns and replace them with new beneficial approaches

∗  invite our movements to gradually release and reveal space and simplicity in our asana practice

Suitable for all levels

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