Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development

Individual Module Study : Continuing Professional Development

Each module has been created as an individual, deep dive into the practice, inspired by the most current scientific anatomical and movement research.

The daily schedule is intentionally spacious to allow time for an immersive experience and encourage curiosity and questioning throughout.  Our aim is to explore and develop a clear understanding of how we practice so we can begin to build new, healthier approaches to moving and inhabiting our bodies.

We've found this approach enhances and enriches our yoga practice, supporting our ongoing expansion and development as teachers.

Select one or more modules for
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or personal study
or join us at any time and work towards the full accreditation at your own pace.**

Certificates of attendance for each module will be issued to trainees who wish to use the course for continued professional development with their professional accrediting organisation.

Module 1
Functional movement, breath and holding space

* Explore functional and developmental movement patterns

* Investigate what are we doing in yoga and why

* Breath awareness

* Introduction to simple anatomy, including the cells, spine, thorax and abdomen

* Holding space for yourself and others

* Translating personal practice into teaching skills

* Changing channels - recognising the different channels of thought and processing

* Small group teaching practice

(5 days, In-person, London, 50 Hours, £695)

Module 2
Movement, development and gravity

* The relationship between movement, development and gravity

* Drawing on personal practice to create intelligent, logical sequences

* Anatomy: the foot and how it relates to the rest of our body - Gary Carter

* Meditation and simple pranayama

* Explore the historical development of yoga from ancient to modern times - Nev Creagan

* Small group teaching practice

 (5 days, online, 50 hours £625)

Module 3
Spinal engine

* Spinal integration – understanding the spine as the foundation of practice

* The emergence of Buddhism and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras - Nev Creagan

* Upper and lower limb and spinal connection,
motor learning, strength, balance and endurance - Jody Barber

* The art of demonstration

* Breathwork and restorative practices to enhance wellbeing

* Small group teaching practice

(4 days, online, 45 hours - £575)

Module 4
Responsive teaching; accessibility and inclusivity

* Subtleties of teaching: choose your words – the importance of language

* Adapting yoga for individuals

* Creating accessible and inclusive classes

* Anatomy: head neck and shoulder girdle - Gary Carter

* Explore how and why we practice inversions in yoga

* Classical Yoga and Patanjali’s yoga sutras;
comparison of Buddhist meditation and Patanjali - Nev Creagan

* Small group teaching practice

(5 days, In-person, London, 50 hours £745)

Module 5
Precautions and boundaries

* Supporting students with common injuries and issues

* Anatomy: the fascial body part 1 - Gary Carter

* Sequencing – developing dynamic imaginative and responsive class plans

* Teaching ethics:  the art of adjusting – exploring touch, personal space and boundaries

* Tantra and Hatha Yoga:
the sources of modern postural yoga - Nev Creagan

* Self care and wellbeing

* Small group teaching practice

(5 days, In-person, London, 50 hours £745)

Module 6
Fine tuning and expanding your practice

* Exploring group dynamics and personal patterns

* Anatomy:  the fascial body part 2 - Gary Carter

* Holding space and creating workshops and retreats

* The art of teaching 1:1

* Creating an ethical yoga business which sustain you and reflects your values

* Yoga nidra

* Small group teaching practice

(5 days, In-person, London 50 hours £745)

Mentoring and Assessment Package

* Mentoring and individual support is a key element of the course.
This package is mandatory for those intending to graduate as teachers.


* 2 individual mentor meetings with Catherine

* The mid-term teaching skills assessment in London in June

* The mock assessment, in preparation for the final practical

* 2 group supervision meetings

(15 hours, In-person and online, £285)

Final Practical Assessment

* Create and teach an hour long class to at least 5 students

* To be submitted online to an external assessor who will provide written feedback

* Trainees are responsible for the assessor’s fee (currently £90) to be paid directly to the assessor

Individual Mentoring Sessions

* Catherine offers individual private mentoring for anyone seeking additional support or guidance

* These sessions are responsive and will be focused on whichever
element of practice or teaching you would like to explore

* Regular mentoring groups and tailored classes are offered throughout the year for all IYTT attendees

(£45 for 30 mins)

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development Yoga Study

Benefits of Continuing Professional Development

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and is the term used to describe the learning activities people engage in to develop and enhance their abilities.

Continuing professional development is important because it ensures you continue to be competent in your profession. It is an ongoing process and continues throughout a professional's career. Continuous professional development is a career-long obligation for practicing professionals

Continuing professional development takes the learning process an extra step, ensuring that the way you’re learning – and what you’re learning – is structured, practical, and relevant.

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