Yoga, Teacher, Training Course, BWY, London, 2022

Changing Perspectives: Yoga Teacher Training

Changing Perspectives
Yoga Teacher Training

After a year of working remotely, it was an absolute treat to meet all our wonderful Intelligent Yoga teacher trainees in person for the first time this module.

This work is so rich, so layered and experiential - working together in person deepens the experience, expands the sensation and understanding of what it is to teach yoga.

This module we explored our approach to yoga once more. We discussed our belief that there is no such thing as "advanced" postures, or being "good at" yoga. What might that mean? To teach is to explain, to share, to stand alongside and practice together. There is no hierarchy here - we all travel the same path, the only difference is that it's more familiar and well-worn for some.

Yoga, Teacher, Training Course, BWY, London, 2022

Gary Carter brought his knowledge of fascial slings, Pete Blackaby shared his enormously clear approach to working with different bodies, considering which precautions we may take in various situations and Nev Cregan discussed Tantra and the sources of modern postural yoga.

The main focus of the module was framing our teaching skills. Considering language and relationship. Looking at how we can best convey our intention and share our individual experience of movement in particular positions. Turning upside down, exploring options for inversions was a small but fun part of our ever-evolving perspective on yoga and the teaching of this ancient art. Here we're playing with "headless headstands", a way to offer space and freedom for the head and neck.

Yoga, Teacher, Training Course, BWY, London, 2022

Would you like to sample a yoga class hosted by the founder of this IYTT training course, Catherine Annis? If so, please go to to make your online booking by clicking here.

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