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British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training Course in London

British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training Course

Are you looking for a yoga teacher training course based in London?  Then check out Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training (iytt) to learn more.

The team, including Catherine Annis, Tanya Love, Gary Carter, Peter Blackaby, Neville Cregan and Mary Mackie have a combined yoga expereince in excess of 200 years - so you know you'll be in safe hands.

ave you ever considered becoming a qualified yoga teacher?  Read our IYTT Course Content and meet the Team.

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I trained to be a yoga teacher with Catherine Annis and have worked with Tanya Love; their yoga teaching is explorative, intelligent and has changed the way I approach my own yoga practice. This yoga teacher training offers an exciting faculty and I highly recommend working with them.

Laura W

Catherine Annis and Tanya Love have changed my approach to and experience of yoga, both as a practitioner and a soon-to-be qualified yoga teacher. Their focus on correct alignment and the detail of the body's experience of each pose has been eye opening. I've loved the Scaravelli approach too.

Phoebe Taylor

Tanya is a really excellent yoga teacher. She gives clear guidance and instruction and I particularly appreciate her sensitive and knowledgeable hands-on help to get into position correctly when needed. I enjoy the pace of her classes and the way she stresses the importance of attention on the body in each pose and the process of yoga to bring space and fluidity. I always feel great at the end of her class and really notice when I haven't been! Tanya makes yoga approachable, where to a very inflexible person like me it can be daunting! Thank you!

Clea Sambrook

I have been practising yoga with Catherine Annis and Tanya Love for many years, attending Catherine's yoga retreats as well as their regular yoga classes. This style of yoga teaching moves away from a preoccupation with postures as the end point, and instead encourages a deep enquiry into the body and its own particular needs and responses.

Practising with them in this way has completely transformed my yoga practice: I experience my body more deeply, have access to more subtle sensation, and am able to be more creative and curious about how I approach my practice. Their approach asks that you throw away dogma and preconceived notions of what yoga should look like, and instead focuses on what you might learn from attending to the process of practice.

I would recommend this yoga teacher training course in London to anyone who wants to move their yoga and movement towards more subtlety, gentleness, and creativity; and to those who wish to teach their yoga students to live in a more deeply embodied way.

Nicole Scott

British Wheel of Yoga, Teacher Training Course, London, Scaravelli

Would you like to sample a yoga class hosted by the founder of this IYTT training course, Catherine Annis? If so, please go to to make your online booking by clicking here.

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