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British Wheel of Yoga Training

British Wheel of Yoga Training

At Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training (IYTT), we offer an 18 month British Wheel of Yoga Training certified course.

This British Wheel of Yoga training course focuses on developing a clear understanding of the fundamentals of movement and anatomy, and our faculty includes world renowned teachers, Peter Blackaby and Gary Carter, making it one of the most comprehensive groundings in anatomy of any teacher training diploma in the UK.

IYTT has been created to develop, knowledgeable, responsive and confident teachers who teach yoga based on a solid understanding of both the fundamental workings of the body and an appreciation of its natural intelligence.  Because we believe it takes time to develop great teachers, IYTT provides well over 200 hours of contact with senior teachers, and is backed up by ongoing assessment, and supportive mentoring and supervision.

British wheel of yoga training, Scaravelli, Hatha, London, accredited, teacher

Why is Accreditation Important?

Yoga teaching has evolved, becoming more professional and organised and teachers are now required to hold valid insurance before yoga studios will employ them.

Originally, yoga was passed from teacher to student, on a 1:1 basis.  Students would study for many years with their teacher, only beginning to teach once they had their teacher’s blessing.  The teaching of yoga has changed, and it’s now much less common for people to work privately - we are more likely to attend class with several other students.

If you really want to follow your dream and begin sharing your love for yoga, it's important to find a course which resonates with you, and which you know will help you develop the skills and experience to be the best teacher you can.

It's also essential to demonstrate to future employers that you have met certain criteria and that you are able to teach safe, intelligent and thoughtful classes.  With IYTT, we believe we have created one of the best courses of its type, and we look forward to practising and exploring yoga together.


British Wheel of Yoga Training Accreditation and Certification

The IYTT diploma is fully recognised and accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga.

Upon successful graduation from the 18 month course, IYTT trainees will receive the following certification:

∗  Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training Diploma certificate

∗  British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training Certification

∗  Eligibility to join Yoga Alliance Professionals at Associate – Level 1 status

∗  Eligibility to register as REPS Level 3 (Yoga)

British Wheel of Yoga

BWY is recognised by The Sports Council as the governing body for Yoga in the UK. BWY accreditation is also honoured throughout the European community. Upon successful graduation, our trainees become BWY-accredited yoga teachers, which entitles them to use the abbreviation ‘BWY’ and BWY logo as part of their title. BWY teacher membership also includes a market-leading teaching insurance and full support from the BWY.

As a BWY accredited group, IYTT will be verified annually for quality.


Catherine’s depth of knowledge and expertise shine through in her British Wheel of yoga training course as she guides you through new ways to experience asana and movement. Her feedback is always detailed, perceptive and encouraging, inspiring you by example to become a better teacher for yourself and your students.


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Catherine Annis has changed my approach to and experience of yoga, both as a practitioner and a soon-to-be qualified yoga teacher. Her focus on correct alignment and the detail of the body's experience of each pose has been eye opening. I've loved the Scaravelli approach too.


Meet the faculty for this British Wheel of Yoga training course


Studying to become a yoga teacher with Catherine Annis over the past 2 years has been a great experience & a true journey of mindful enquiry & exploration of asanas, anatomy and so much more. I really feel like I have the foundations laid to now kick off being a yoga teacher. I would definitely recommend this London based yoga teacher training to anybody.


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Detailed and advanced yoga teachings with focus on alignment. This may open your eyes if you come from an Ashtanga or Iyengar background. The anatomical part is especially refreshing.


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British wheel of yoga training, Scaravelli, Hatha, London, accredited, teacher

Would you like to sample a yoga class hosted by the founder of this IYTT training course, Catherine Annis? If so, please go to to make your online booking by clicking here.

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