Andrew McGonigle, Book, Supporting Yoga, Students with Common Injuries and Conditions

Andrew McGonigle Yoga Book

Supporting Yoga Students with Common Injuries and Conditions: A Handbook for Teachers and Trainees (Yoga Teaching Guides)

by Andrew McGonigle

This handbook guides yoga teachers and trainees in how to approach teaching students with common injuries and health conditions safely, confidently, and in a manner that empowers students.

Dr Andrew McGonigle combines his medical background with extensive knowledge of yoga to address common injuries in detail with an in-depth review of anatomy. The book describes the psychology of pain and injury with reference to the latest research on pain and biomechanics. It also provides advice and tips on how to modify yoga techniques to suit the needs of students with injuries. Detailed illustrations throughout the book provide a visual guide to support understanding.

Andrew McGonigle, Book, Supporting Yoga, Students with Common Injuries and Conditions

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Author: Andrew McGonigle

Publisher: Singing Dragon

Language: English

Paperback Book: 272 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1787754690

ISBN-10: 1787754693

Product Dimensions: 15.2 x 1.57 x 22.9cm

Kindle Edition: 336 pages

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Jivana Heyman, author of Accessible Yoga

Finally, a guide to making yoga safer and more effective. I'm so grateful to Andrew McGonigle for integrating his knowledge of yoga, anatomy, physiology, and medicine into a resource that makes this esoteric information accessible to yoga practitioners and teachers alike.

Celest Pereira - Yoga, Anatomy and Biomechanics teacher

Research literally drips off every page as this book beautifully pulls together the essential anatomical information to help yoga teachers lead with even more grace and confidence. Layered on top are common injuries that might be encountered, alongside practical yoga-based solutions.


Usually, I switch off when I pick up a yoga anatomy book. Not this one. It is so clearly written, in a tone that is both very engaging & accessible, with beautiful & clear illustrations too.


I found this book very helpful, not only for understanding how to take care and rehab my own injury, but it will also prove helpful for any students coming to my yoga classes with injuries. The text is very well written and accessible to all, and really interesting.


This book should be in the hands of all yoga teachers and students as it provides vital information, guidance and awareness on how to help and support people with common injuries and conditions.


An excellent resource for yoga teachers to deepen their anatomical knowledge & gives options for modifications to aid students. I've been fortunate enough to have attended an in person workshop with Andrew & his enthusiasm, experience & knowledge shines through here.

About the author Andrew McGonigle

Andrew McGonigle, Book, Supporting Yoga, Students with Common Injuries and Conditions

Andrew McGonigle has been studying anatomy for over twenty years, originally training to become a doctor and then moving away from Western medicine to become a yoga teacher, massage therapist and anatomy teacher.

He combines all of his skills and experience to teach anatomy and physiology on Yoga Teacher Training courses internationally and runs his own online Anatomy and Physiology Applied to Yoga courses. He lives in Los Angeles with his husband.

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